The main bulk of the company's work, focuses on the marketing of skins (tanned and not) of any type, leaving the packed a smaller part but no less important for this, thanks to the exclusive brand Manakas for the entire Italian market.
Specialized in sable, Paoletti S.r.l. can be considered without false modesty among the pioneers of this type of hair with regard to the Italian market, with variety of colors and prices that can satisfy all possible requirements.
Because of the direct channels to which Paoletti Srl. is connected, you can charge prices commercially very valuable both for the domestic market, European or global ...

Paoletti S.r.l. is a company specialized in the trade of fur skins, born in 1945 as store retail fur hats, has evolved over the years following the process of the massive economic revival and commercial hit all sectors of post-war.
In the early years 70 became firmly established in the market of fur, highly active at this time, consolidating its position as one of the most professional and prepared.
Today the company can boast extensive experience and professionalism increasingly meticulous derived from the fact to attend all auctions worldwide and almost completely cure all types of animal fur fur.